Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Faith defied the knowledge of medicine

This is a clip from TRUE Life Heros Facebook Page, with Randy Shea

The next generation of TRUE Life Heroes began with Faith Hope Walker\'s C-Section birth on February 12, 2009:

Another landmark passed on March 12, as Faith began her third week of life. As she nears her first month of life, this little soul proves the intrinsic, God-given value created for each of His children. Faith defied the knowledge of medicine by living to birth. Every day of life -- and every ability she gains -- defy the false wisdom of men, who choose to destroy 95% of children with her condition in the womb.

Simply by living, Faith inspires others to reconsider rhetoric, which promotes surgical selection of unborn children. For some, life or death are meted out for the \"good of society\" based upon predictions of their future productivity. Faith escaped this fate to bring joy to the hundreds who love her, pray for her and follow her life through Myah\'s blog

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