Monday, January 11, 2010

The Devil's Masterpiece

The following is excerpted from an article written by a Catholic priest, Fr. Thomas Eutenauer, that was reprinted in the January 2010 Marian Observer. The numbering of the Commandments may be different but the point is valid for all Christians.

“Abortion's spiritual power is its perfect violation of ALL the commandments. First of all, most abortions are the result of sins against the SIXTH and NINTH Commandments (adultery/fornication/lust). Abortion is certainly a sin against the FIFTH Commandment prohibiting murder. Likewise, it violates the THIRD Commandment because the vast majority of babies are killed on Saturdays (the Sabbath). Abortion is also a reversal of the FOURTH Commandment where the father and mother “dishonor” the child in the most heinous way and curse the holiness of God (SECOND Commandment) which is manifested in the only creature mad in His “image and likeness”. As a false religion, abortion is a violation of the FIRST Commandment forbidding the worship of any other gods but the Lord, and this religion is undoubtedly fed through a highly sophisticated system of falsehoods and deceits (EIGHTH Commandment) which lead women into abortion chambers. Furthermore, abortion literally steals (SEVENTH Commandment) both our personal and national futures by depriving us of children. Finally, the TENTH Commandment (coveting our neighbor's goods) is about the capital sin of greed, the very thing that drives so many abortionists to do the killing work.

Abortion is like a spiritual vortex of sin pulling people into it. Even the Church can be compromised by this evil. Most of the sins listed are sins of commission, but the Church's sins are general sins of 'omission' – the terrible silence...

All of this points out that abortion is a spiritual power that negates God's plan for love, life, and family. It not only destroys bodies but destroys souls, which from the point of view of eternity, represents the devil's greatest masterpiece of evil.” (Spirit & Life newsletter, Vol. 01, Number 78, AUG 2007)

As you are aware, the Federal government is considering health care legislation that will expand the government's involvement in the abortion business. Abortion will no longer be merely a "right"; it will become a "duty" of the rest of us to provide access for the poor who wish to exercise this "right". But it is not a foregone conclusion that this will happen. To use a football analogy, pro-life legislators are making a defensive stand at the "one-yard line". And they need our help. So, please, every day during the remainder of January, please lift up in prayer Bart Stupak and the other pro-life Democrats who are under intense pressure from their party's leadership to "compromise" on abortion in the health care "reform". Also pray for the citizens of Massachusetts who will be electing a Senator to replace the late Ted Kennedy on January 19th. They have an opportunity to reject the rabid pro-abortion platform of the Democratic party.

The rest of us have an opportunity to change the culture in our area in more incremental ways by doing something each day for the unborn. One pro-life writer (William A. Stanmeyer, The Sermon of Bishop Eks) called it being an Impact Player.

He wrote, "An Impact Player is one who makes a difference; ... Every one of us Christians is called to be an Impact Player in the world of faith and prayer. Jesus was the ultimate Impact Player. He trained His Apostles to be the same. Down through the years, godly men and women have been Impact Players - because they prayed. ... My friends, I ask you to become an Impact Player right now. I beg each of you to:

Educate 10 other Christians this month
Give $10.00 each week to a Pro-Life group.
Pray an extra 10 minutes every day.

Attend a Pro-life Conference in your state or country today!!