Friday, March 26, 2010

One in a Billion Choices (Pro-life song)

I happened to drop by and came out an inspired man by your songs. Keep up inspirational sosng coming. The Markdanyells
half a minute ago
A pure country sound that is good with Christian lyrics at last! Great music. Baka Gaijin
Playing Jesus, the name. Great lyrics! Beth Davidson
I love the music, your ministry sounds like it's right on track with what God wants us to do in life!
"One In A Billion Choices" is good. Great lyrics, nice work. Mark Paul

I enjoyed listening to your recording of "Amazing grace"..very passionate, beautiful female vocals...i am impressed

Wonderful song..thank you so much for this refreshing joy! God bless you with His abundant love! - Lea -

Barbara Heston (Rating: 10) "I listened to song about the Rose, Very inspiring, easy to listen to. I know that God is pleased with this CD."

Sister Loretta Mellon (Rating: 10) "You sing from your heart and have very melodious voices, It was a joy to listen to the songs."
Tricia (Rating: 10) "This is the best Christian MusicI heard since I became a Christian"

Helen Chappell (Rating: 10) "I love your CD, I keep playing it over and over again, it just truly blesses me"

When you listen to this delightful spiritual music CD, you will experience the joy of what God 's grace can do for you.
I found that as I was listening to the music a peaceful calm came over me from my stressful day and I wanted to hum and sing along.
Dove -Family Approved, Suitable for all Ages In Gods Image - Jesus the Name - Music CD, Donna Rolfe, Dove Foundation

One in a Billion Choices Pro-life song with a message of the beauty of names and mission Now available at Christian Bookstores.

# 744 in Pop out of 106,457 songs# 117 in Contemporary Christian out of 14,165 songs
1 song is in the internet charts today. One in a Billion Choices (Pro-life song)